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Better attention, focus and concentration.

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What are the demons of distraction?
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Lurking around us are 8 demons of distraction that erode performance, productivity, and profits. Are any of these demons attacking you? Review the list and check any that apply to you:

  1. I text message or play games on my cellphone during meetings. (The Technology Demon)
  2. It's tough to get my work done because people are interrupting me all day. (The Others Demon)
  3. I'm always trying to do four things at once but there's always slippage. (The Activities Demon)
  4. My office is so noisy, I have trouble thinking. (The Spaces Demon)
  5. I begin to work but am stressed about problems and pressures. (The Stress Demon)
  6. I'm overtired and it's hard to focus. (The Fatigue Demon)
  7. I take medication that interferes with my memory and attention. (The Medication/Illness Demon)
  8. My mind races and I can't seem to focus on one thing at a time. (The Unruly Mind Demon)
  9. I find myself daydreaming rather than finishing chores or listening during meetings. (The Unruly Mind Demon)
  10. Once I start to concentrate, I ignore everything and everyone until I finish - even when I may not be achieving much. (The Unruly Mind Demon)

Vulnerable to distractions?

If you checked more than three items, then distraction may be hindering your work/life.

You can, however, learn how to prevent, reduce, and avoid distraction.

Defeating the Demons of Distraction, a division of Managing Your Mind, LLC, is devoted to products, books, coaching and seminars to help you defeat your demons of distraction. Learn how to defeat the 8 Demons of Distraction, and:

  • Enhance your performance and productivity
  • Reduce your stress
  • Experience more peacefulness in your life
  • Likely boost your profits

Discover How to Defeat those Demons: