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Example: Luda's Story

Opportunities for distraction are everywhere, threatening to negatively affect your attention, memory, and critical thinking. How much time, money, and energy are distractions costing you at work and/or in your life? Take this example from the Introduction to Defeating the 8 Demons of Distraction: Proven Strategies to Increase Productivity and Decrease Stress.

"Oh no! I put the $90,000 that was to cover the payroll checks in the money market account instead of the checking account! How could I have done that?"

Although Luda is a smart, determined, and competent woman, she gets distracted by her lighthearted conversation with the teller while doing her company's banking business. Even though her mistake is caught before any inconveniences (or costs!) occur, she suffers stress and embarrassment because of a silly error that was due to distraction.

For many of us, the boundaries between work and life have become blurred and evermore fast-paced technology interferes with our productivity and sense of well-being. As we strive for peak performance, we are confronted by the threat of distraction in the form of short attention span and poor concentration.

Are distractions causing you to make silly, costly, or even dangerous mistakes? As a result, do you feel stupid, embarrassed, or disappointed with yourself?

Does your crazy 24/7 life create conditions for the DEMONS OF DISTRACTION to march in and wreak havoc with your performance?

The word demon conjures up visions and feelings of danger, helplessness, and uncertainty. Is that how you feel when you make a mistake due to distraction or inattention? And, like Luda, do you ask, "How could I have done that?"

Once Luda learned to recognize her vulnerability to distraction, she cut down on the number of times she made foolish and unnecessary errors that could be very costly and embarrassing.

Discover How to Defeat those Demons: