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Confessions of an Email Procrastinator…

It’s unbelievable. There were 737 emails in the inbox! Oh, the shame and irritation of it. Regardless of my efficiency, I let it happen. From December to June, the emails piled up as a result of distractions and procrastination. There … Continue reading

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Every Author’s Worst Nightmare (distraction)

What are the costs and consequences of being distracted? Besides the oft-cited dangers of texting while driving, there are the costly mistakes due to inattention and the speed of technology. For example, Jonathan Franzen, best selling author of The Corrections, … Continue reading

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Defeating the Technology Demon of Distraction

Welcome to my blog! In this space, throughout November we’ll be discussing ways of defeating the “Demons of Distraction,” starting first with the one that seems to be in the news most these days, The Technology Demon—which is on the … Continue reading

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