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Home Office: Sanctuary or Black Hole?

There are times during which my office is the worst place to concentrate and get tasks done. I get distracted by my own clutter because I hate to file papers. Although I love having hard copies of articles or reports … Continue reading

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Sleep: the Best Investment You Can Make in Your Well-Being

This week, “CBS Sunday Morning” featured Ben Stein, who discussed advice by Frank Knight, a famous economist and friend of the family. The advice was, “Never waste any time you could spend sleeping.” Although Stein neglected Knight’s advice as a … Continue reading

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Moving from Intention to Action: Setting Doable Goals

“Constant Overwhelm” refers to an unrelenting barrage of information, requests, and uncertainties. Your mind races; ideas flit and float, but often are not developed. Paralysis sets in, resulting in ineffective problem solving and decision-making. In turn, you experience an increase of stress and a decrease in motivation and productivity. Here are 5 tips to put goal-setting back on track. Continue reading

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