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Confessions of an Email Procrastinator…

It’s unbelievable. There were 737 emails in the inbox! Oh, the shame and irritation of it. Regardless of my efficiency, I let it happen. From December to June, the emails piled up as a result of distractions and procrastination. There … Continue reading

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Don’t Get Distracted from Medical-Related Travel Preparation

The weather’s nicer and with upcoming celebrations and vacations, we need to avoid distraction when preparing to travel: don’t forget important medical information. Unfortunately, there are a number of medical problems or mishaps that may occur when you travel, including … Continue reading

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Home Office: Sanctuary or Black Hole?

There are times during which my office is the worst place to concentrate and get tasks done. I get distracted by my own clutter because I hate to file papers. Although I love having hard copies of articles or reports … Continue reading

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Distraction, “Stuff,” and Spring Cleaning

It’s spring and time to think about cleaning and refreshing our spaces and places. In most areas, there is a small window of time after the taxes are finished, but before the weather turns dependably pleasant: this is a great … Continue reading

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