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What caused the error in David Brook’s recent Op-Ed piece on April Fools’ Day?

Was the word flea rather than flee confused by the printer, copy editor, or author? David Brooks is a widely respected columnist for The New York Times and contributor to PBS NewsHour who presents conservative political and cultural commentaries. The … Continue reading

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Fight Fatigue, Decrease Errors and Omissions

How many times have you worked too late or been tired during the day and said, “I should stop working, I’m so tired”? Unfortunately, most people—regardless of their smarts—ignore their own advice, continue working, and then whack their foreheads when … Continue reading

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Sleep: the Best Investment You Can Make in Your Well-Being

This week, “CBS Sunday Morning” featured Ben Stein, who discussed advice by Frank Knight, a famous economist and friend of the family. The advice was, “Never waste any time you could spend sleeping.” Although Stein neglected Knight’s advice as a … Continue reading

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January 13th begins “Move from Intention to Action Month”

I had the best intentions to get a jump-start on my New Year resolutions—and then the holiday season, travel, and a death in the family brought on the Fatigue and Stress Demons. They, in turn, opened the door to the Illness Demon…I lost a whole week! Here is a list of some ways to make peace with delays in “Moving from Intention to Action” Continue reading

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