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Don’t Be Distracted from the Beauty of Nature and Poetry

Sitting in my 7th grade classroom at P.S. 150 in Sunnyside, New York, I wondered why we had to memorize–and recite in unison–the poem “Trees” by Alfred Joyce Kilmer.  On the verge of our teen years, my friends and I … Continue reading

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Flexible Thinking: A Workaround for Distraction

“If you can’t get over the bridge, go under.” This was the advice of my grandmother, Cissie Handelsman.  Born in Warsaw, Poland, she was abandoned as a youngster, but found by her brother, and subsequently raised in Hampton Court, England. She … Continue reading

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Dancing as a Positive Distraction

Although there are numerous distractions that compel you to ignore some tasks and make errors on others, there are many more positive distractions that can help reduce stress while increasing energy and mental acuity. In this day and age, you may be ignoring … Continue reading

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Therapy Dogs: A Positive Distraction

Meet Kipu. He’s a therapy dog. Therapy dogs are trained to comfort and cuddle in retirement centers, schools, nursing homes, hospitals, and military hospitals such as Walter Reed Army Medical Center. At the Coyote Ridge Corrections Center, there are plans … Continue reading

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Confessions of an Email Procrastinator…

It’s unbelievable. There were 737 emails in the inbox! Oh, the shame and irritation of it. Regardless of my efficiency, I let it happen. From December to June, the emails piled up as a result of distractions and procrastination. There … Continue reading

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Dandelions: A Positive Distraction

My dad, Charlie Ponte, was from Sicily and he loved dandelions. In general, cooking was a positive distraction for Charlie, but the use of dandelions was a special passion.  The key was getting young, tender plants.  My first encounter with … Continue reading

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Don’t Get Distracted from Medical-Related Travel Preparation

The weather’s nicer and with upcoming celebrations and vacations, we need to avoid distraction when preparing to travel: don’t forget important medical information. Unfortunately, there are a number of medical problems or mishaps that may occur when you travel, including … Continue reading

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Don’t be distracted from giving the gift of reading

Too often, our frenzied schedules disallow the time to read with or for others. This week’s CBS Sunday Morning featured a single dad who “started reading each night to his 4th-grade daughter—and continued up until she left for college.” Although … Continue reading

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Home Office: Sanctuary or Black Hole?

There are times during which my office is the worst place to concentrate and get tasks done. I get distracted by my own clutter because I hate to file papers. Although I love having hard copies of articles or reports … Continue reading

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Strength Training for Your Mind: Activities that Can Help You Focus (guest post by Jane Heineken)

When Geri works with clients, she first asks, “What are your strengths? When have you been successful?” As her employee, I have learned that this is not merely “cock-eyed optimism” or an attempt to minimize their challenges. It is a … Continue reading

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