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Massage: One Key to Creative and Analytic Thought

Historically, massage is one of the oldest and simplest forms of relaxation and healing. For example, Tomb paintings indicate that massage was performed during early Egyptian times and the Chinese used massage for many medical conditions over many centuries. More … Continue reading

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Indirect Grief and Distraction (Guest blog post by Jane Heineken)

It began with an uneasy feeling. I was reading the headlines of the local, online newspaper and ran across the sad story of a house fire on the far side of town. “Several college-aged kids lived in the house,” said … Continue reading

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Moving from Intention to Action: Restarting, again—and again!

Do I just ignore my own experience, or reveal that even with intent, a realistic goal, a great plan, and workable strategies, a person gets distracted and has to deal with waxing and waning motivation and action? It sounds so simple, but it is so challenging. Getting right back on track is essential. It doesn’t matter how many times you fall off track, it only matters that you get back on track and keep those resolutions. Continue reading

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